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Select one of the following:

  OurCatalogOnline service, First Year (ILS: PC Card Catalog) : $69.95 + $25.00 set up = $94.95
  OurCatalogOnline service, First Year (ILS: CONCEPT I) : $69.95 + $25.00 set up = $94.95
  OurCatalogOnline service, First Year (ILS: Concourse) : $69.95 + $25.00 set up = $94.95
  OurCatalogOnline service, First Year (ILS: ResourceMate) : $69.95 + $25.00 set up = $94.95

Annual RENEWAL for OurLibraryOnline service, after First Year pricing is based on collection size:

  Renew OurLibraryOnline service, Level 1: 1-5,000 items    $69.95/yr
  Renew OurLibraryOnline service, Level 2: 5,001-10,000     $89.95/yr
  Renew OurLibraryOnline service, Level 3: 10,001-15,000   $109.95/yr
  Renew OurLibraryOnline service, Level 4: 15,001 and up  $129.95/yr

Select OPTIONAL features:
  ADD: Reservations (patrons reserve items online; staff notified by e-mail): $15.00/yr
  ADD: Patron Status Lookup (Patrons can view items checked out, overdue and fines): $35.00/yr
             The Patron Status Lookup feature is only available if you are using PC Card Catalog or CONCEPT I.
  ADD: Banner Image (Replace Library Name text with a banner [.jpg] to match you web site.): $35.00
             Banner Image charge applies when the image added and each time it is revised.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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