Q and A:

Q. How do my patrons find our catalog online?

A. Click on the LINK from your library web page and go directly to your catalog's search page. It will appear as though the catalog is on your web site. Your web people will need to add the LINK to your web page, but that is a very simple task, taking 2 or 3 minutes.

Q. What do I have to do after I sign up?

A. You will receive a Startup Package by mail or download that incldues the iinstall files and instructions. After completing the familiar Windows installation procedure, you will run the newly installed SETTINGS program. Enter a couple of settings and TRANSFER your first set of data. (The instructions are written for even the most "technically challenged." The SETTINGS and first TRANSFER may take 15 minutes.) Once this is done, you can start using your new OurLibraryOnline catalog.
   We provide a login to your OurLibraryOnline "admin" page so you can make changes to your catalog appearance, alter your services and manage your renewals. Access to your catalog's statistics will be available here, as well.

Day to Day Operation: Once the automatic TRANSFER settings have been made, PC Card Catalog® and CONCEPT I® users require absolutely no other involvement. Concourse® and ResourceMate® users have it almost that easy. You will need to periodically run one or two reports that are pre-built into your library software. Our instructions will step you through the details. These reports will take less than a minute and will quickly become a part of your routine.

Q. Do I have to leave my library computer 'on' all the time?

A. No, so long as it's 'on' during the TRANSFER process. The SETTINGS program will let you set or change the TRANSFER schedule to fit your needs. TRANSFER can run in the background while you are doing your normal library activities. You can TRANSFER during you busiest times or late at night when no one is around. Suit yourself.

Q. How often is my catalog updated?

A. Running the TRANSFER process updates your catalog. The SETTINGS program allows you to run an immediate TRANSFER at any time. You can also schedule AUTOMATIC TRANSFERS using Windows Task Scheduler. Detailed instructions are included.


Q. So what does this catalog look like?

A. Try an actual OurLibraryOnline catalog. Click here. It is a church library catalog of about 12,000 items.

Q. Is my data safe? What about patron privacy?

A. Certainly your local data is safe! Nothing in the OurLibraryOnline process ever permits your library program's data files to be accessible on the web. We take extreme care to assure that the TRANSFER data is 'un-hackable.' We do not collect or TRANSFER any personal patron information from your data files, so privacy is simply not an issue.

Q. Tell me about the 'Reservations' feature.

A. When your patron finds an item in the catalog for which they would to place a 'hold or 'reservation,' OurLibraryOnline will create and send a 'reservation' e-mail to the library staff. While this feature does not directly integrate with your ILS, it does conveniently inform the staff of a patron request.

Q. I see you have a 'Patron Status' feature. What does that do?

A. Patrons can use OurLibraryOnline to view items they have checked out, overdue, and fines they may have pending. They must use their patron number (library card number) and a 4-digit PIN (assigned in your ILS software.) This service is only available for PC Card Catalog® and CONCEPT I® users.

Q. Isn't OurLibraryOnline the same as what my software vendor provides?

A. Well, yes and no. It's the same in that you and your patrons can search your catalog online. It's different in that OurLibraryOnline costs much less. Our service may not include some of the features that your vendor's system includes. You should review your software vendor's WEB products (WebOPAC® or ResourceMate's® CGI Script) to determine the best choice for your library.

Q. Since OurLibraryOnline is maintaining an off-site copy of our data, can this be considered an "off-site backup?"

A. No. Much of the data that your library software maintains is NOT transferred. There is no way we can RECOVER your data to a point where we could claim to provide a backup service.